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Managed Backup - Secure Offsite Protection for Serious Data

When you're a business looking to protect your data offsite, there are literally hundreds of choices. From "free" consumer offsite backup services to expensive rented servers, it seems like everyone has a solution for protecting your data.

If you're a Mac-based company who has too much important data to risk and wants your data in a controlled and highly protected environment, our Managed Backup service is for you.

Macs on Mars: TSP Gets to the Bottom of the Story

If you're a Mac fan that has been following coverage of the Mars Curiosity landing, you may have noticed a few articles talking about how many Macs are present in the photos of the Mars Curiosity JPL team.

We noted these articles too, such as this one from TUAW. The problem was most of what they talk about is pure conjecture, sprinkled with some interviews of retired NASA personnel not related to the project. That simply wasn't enough for us - we wanted to know the real scoop.

Exploring Keynote

We know that a lot of people love to use Keynote instead of Powerpoint, but just as many people don't really know why it's so much better.  Well, we put together a little demonstration of Keynote's transitions and builds which demonstrates the slick interactions available within the app, which make your presentations both professional-looking and engaging.

Whether you're presenting a pitch to a boardroom or showing off your holiday snaps, you can really see Apple's trademark attention to detail. If you can think of it, you can probably do it within Keynote!

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